Creativity, Bulldogs and You

23 Feb

The Westminster Dog Show has crowned a Pekinese as its grand champion for 2012.  It may be a great dog but as a viewer of the show and a creator of animal jewelry it is a selection I do not get. I own West highland Terriers and as an artist-jeweler I have some great Westie jewelry.

However, the jewelry I sell most are my Bulldog personalities. Bulldogs have a special persona.  More high schools and collages in the United States have the Bulldog as their mascot than any other animal.  Corporations too.

Yale University has “Handsome Dan”, University of Georgia has “Uga” and Gonzaga University has “Spike”.  The bulldog has personality, swagger and an endearing quality.  Marine Corps personnel are often called “devil dogs” and their mascot is “Chesty”, a bulldog.

When you see a Mack Truck you often recognize it as a “Mack” because of their hood ornament, the bulldog.  Fellows Shredders uses the bulldog as emblematic of how tough their product is.  No disrespect to the Westminster Dog Show and their Pekinese selection but if you ask most people about a breed with personality and panache, my guess is that a bulldog will be at the top of their list.

As I create my unique sculptural jewelry I will continue adding bulldog personalities.  I also would appreciate any comments you may have on the Westminster Dog Show winner for 2012, shared pictures of your bulldog, dog or cat or ideas for animal personalities to add to the fun of this blog and creative inspiration. 

Talk to you soon,



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